About Us
Commenced in 2015, AMI Tech Labs is an astounding app development company, aimed at building great apps out of your ideas.Throughout the years, we have gotten a chance to work with some great brands and created their brand identity with our expertise.From strategy making to amazing user experience, outstanding visual design, development and marketing your app, our expertise lies in all these areas.With a group of some passionate, dedicated and talented designers and developers, we are the app solution company who have crafted hundreds of best app experiences that also resulted in millions of downloads. Other than the above mentioned services, we are one of those app development companies who are recognized as on the alert customer service with a prompt action to any and every query of yours.

At AMI Tech Labs, our approach of working is solely based on the mindset that we try to stay a step ahead of our clients. We welcome your idea, acknowledge it, get our team on board, brainstorm all the possibilities and present you the final idea. We’ve built the following work ethics:

Things are as Transparent as a Glass:

We are the only app development company who believe in taking our clients with us as we take each and every step towards the completion of the app. Right from the beginning we will keep things pretty clear and work closely with you to avoid any uncertainties from both the sides.

Access of the IP from the Beginning:

Of course, you own the idea and we are just responsible to bring functionality in that idea. Thus, from the beginning of the project  we will keep you posted regarding every design files and also giving you the access of coding.

Monitor Our Progress:

We are not one of those app development companies, who keep things hidden. In fact, within a few days you will be able to see your app idea coming to life. You will be given all the rights to monitor our progress.

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