Same Course Different Teacher

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Internet along with its many benefits is taking over the role of a very important being in our lives that is the role of our teachers or mentors. Teachers in the past age were go to personalities for students as the students believed them to be much wiser as they have had a much broader experience of life and their unsurpassing knowledge. Students would refer to them not only in academic matters but sometimes also personal matters that students were reluctant to discuss among each other or with their parents.

Nowadays the internet is dominating and surpassing every known and believed only to be human domain. Internet has provided students with knowledge across borders and cultural boundaries. One huge benefit of the internet is that it does not discriminate so it is equal and fair to everyone unlike most of the teachers nowdays. A typical website development california states that its primary focus when designing an academic website is to provide students with a conducive learning environment that promotes across countries and cultures knowledge sharing.

With the coming of age of internet, the internet now houses databases of information that are just not matched by any other teacher , book or even a library. It has become a global phenomenon that any student could get knowledge and information about anything from any where. The second trait is that it is available and accessible , with connectivity reaching new heights every other day the internet domination will continue to grow. On the internet a student can remain anonymous and still ask question without actually fearing about anyone knowing their personal secrets. Website development company california notices that most of the students or users prefer them to stay anonymous when asking questions related to personal matters like health or life problems.

Moreover , the internet has become such a sensation that it is now the go-to or primary method for any student to ask their queries. It is not a secondary or a last resort but a must task for student to use the internet to search for his or her problems or questions. With the declining skill of today’s teachers as they themselves are too reliant on the internet , it seems only logical for students to leap ahead in this hierarchy to get to the primary and most authentic source of information and not be limited or dependant on a sort of ‘middle man’ .

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