Top Hidden Features you need to know of Android 8.0 Oreo

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Android 8.0 Oreo is the futuristic version of android mobile operating system which was first released socially on august 21, 2017. It is recognized as the source of major innovative and creative features that takes the development to the next level via its optimizing performance, including picture in picture, auto-filters, Bluetooth 5 are some of its common highly rated innovations and designing features, but there is a strong point to look into those hidden features that android 8.0 possess which any individual won’t be able to discover while operating it, unless h/she might using it for so long. Following are some of its imperative hidden feature as exposed by a reputed company of mobile app development in usa.

  1. Snoozing Notifications:

Whenever an android user gets a notification every time he/she has to open the slide bar to swipe it left or right in order to prohibit it which sometimes get little bit annoying especially when connected to internet, which results in a way that enforces a user to switch the notifications off for any respected application.

However when using android 8.0 Oreo one should not always worry about this inadequacy, as you may snooze the notifications whenever you want until later.

  1. Customizing Notifications:

Oreo incorporates a few changes to notifications, including notification dots and notification channels. On the off chance that you need to sift through a portion of the noise, both these highlights incorporate some helpful customization alternatives.

  1. Enforces Background limits on app:

Android 8.0 accompanies another pile of changes to background process that keeps applications from draining your battery dry. There’s a major catch, however: These foundation limits are authorized just on applications that objective the new API level in Oreo

The mobile app development in usa is optimizing and upgrading Oreo more to keep you occupied when you factor in all the shrouded highlights. Remember every one of these tips when you get your Oreo device, and you’ll ace it in a moment.

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